On Nigeria Air Crash

By IndepthAfrica
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Jun 6th, 2012

As Nigerians are dropping dead from air crashes, the roads are claiming more daily due to badly built transportation networks, badly maintained and ill fitted transportation vehicles and motor cycles. They say when it rains, it pours. Nigeria is rained on and it is pouring heavily. Daily strings of bad news, leaves the Nigerian exasperated, always gasping for fresh air but what comes is polluted and adulterated. There is and there can be a better way, but Nigerians have to commit and make the sacrifice. See what happened on Egypt – Mubarak sentenced to life imprisonment. What a news. He never thought such a condition will meet him on earth. Egypt is not out of the woods yet, but it has made a powerful statement that everyday may be for the thief but one sure is for the owner.

While air mishaps are part of aviation industry, what Nigeria needs to consider is, could any of those have been avoided? When accident reports point to recklessness, cutting corner and using inferior parts, then it shows that the authority in Nigeria is sleeping at the wheel and paying lip service or none. Maybe this accident coming on the heels of many bad news in Nigeria, will prompt the leadership both public and private to stand up and do something positively different.

Air mishap can be minimized given advancement in aviation technology, improved training of pilots and maintenance crews. But when human errors combined with lousy and loose maintenance culture, driven by profiteering at the expense of public safety, it is a matter of when and not if they happen.

I hope when the investigation is done and there is strong evidence of lax maintenance, some in the management of DANA should be indicted, and if possible someone should go to jail, heavy fine imposed and license revoked.

It is time for a renewed and reinvigorated Nigeria enabled by Nigerians who have become Guinea pigs in their own country at the hands of their own and some foreigners who see Nigeria as a loose and open country to do as they wish.

It is not enough for the usual prayers, ‘may God grant the families fortitude to bear the loss’, when human factors that contributed to the loss are not dealt with. God does his part and the rest often is on us.

It is in your hands Nigerians. Nigeria can only get better when the populace demand better via actions and reactions that compels and forces the hands of those that are benefiting from a broken nation to change. Incremental progress is not enough. Nigerians should be ambitious and disruptive when necessary and due, in pursuit of better Nigeria. Doing same things ‘business as usual’, will not get anyone the expected bang to place Nigeria on the path of greatness that has remained elusive.

The lives of 160m people, cannot be taken for granted by a political leadership aided by unscrupulous business class bent on abusing the nation. It is time to call a spade a spade. Loss of one life is too many.


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