Opinion: Nason Msoni Weighs In on Sata’s Muted Swearing In Ceremony

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Jul 31st, 2014

10531440_1459028247681764_6479382979864702381_oThe symbolic nature of taking the oath of allegiance before the President provides the necessary platform and gives the President an opportunity to provide counsel and to warn appointees in advance and other would be errant officials about the sanctity of undertaking the oath of allegiance relative to the assumption of their office.

It therefore really matters to listen to what the President had said during those proceedings. The mere fact that the important aspect and part was ruthlessly curtailed leaves credible doubts lingering and bring to the fore more suspicion and lingering questions begging for answers.

The swearing-in of the Attorney-general and the solicitor-general quietly with only still and motion pictures available and lacking the necessary sound-bite of the President clearly points to serious challenges and ultimately raises more credibility to questions than answers.

Certainly this was a missed opportunity for President Sata to put to rest issues surrounding his failing health that have recently raised suspicion and speculations in local and international media circles.

The dominant question should be are there still issues that the Zambian public shouldn’t know about concerning the head of state that could have forced the government to block the audio aspect of the coverage of the swearing-in ceremony?

Are the allegations of mental dementia true or false linked to the President?

Was the swearing-in ceremony another second time bogus farce and photo taking ceremony meant to just hoodwink the gullible Zambian public?

Is Mr. Sata in a reasonable mental state to undertake and administer the oath of allegiance?

Are the learned men of the law comfortable to be part and parcel to an illegality and state sponsored cover-up meant to cheat and deceive the Zambian public in-order to earn a living?

How does it play out on their mental conscious knowing very well that the man administering the oath is deeply impaired?

By Nason Msoni
APC President

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