Prince and Blanket will be on Oprah next Monday. I find these kids so interesting. They have obviously been through a lot so early in their lives. I have never seen them in a sit down interview, so this should be very interesting.

Coincidentally, Oprah is having a show about male molestation victims coming forward to talk about their experiences. This show will be aired the Friday before Michael JacksonMichael Jackson’s children come on. According to TMZ, a representative from the production team of Oprah said it is purely a coincidence.

Oprah will interview the children in their home and also sit down with Katherine JacksonKatherine Jackson to discuss her son’s career and life. I really don’t have an opinion of Michael Jackson and whether he had any relations with children. I never followed any of his cases. Of course, I would hate to believe anyone could do that to another human being regardless of age.

He was a superstar, he was fascinating, he had the ability to keep himself current from the 1960s to present. I hope soon we can let the man who had an incredibly hard life, rest in peace.