By Ayo Akinola

“We must rise; we must not allow the PDP to make another incursion into the South West.”

The Oranmiyan Support Group is a collective of young and dynamic professionals of Osun state origin living in and outside the State. The group was formed primarily to mobilize supports for the re-election of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola in the forthcoming gubernatorial election. I have the rare and humbling privilege to lead this group. We understand the dynamics of the electoral process and we want to use our various resources to mobilize for the re-election of the incumbent. The present dynamics calls for vigilance of all well-meaning sons and daughters of Osun so that our votes must count. This is why we are very proactive. We must not take things for granted as the enemy is scheming day and night. I need to let us into the background of our support for the Ogbeni.

We are indigenes of Osun and leaders in our various callings in the fields of medicine, commerce, information technology, engineering, business, academia and the media just to mention a few. We came together sometimes in May this year at a location in Irewole Local government to ruminate over the state of affairs in Osun viz-a-viz our recent history and the way forward as election time was approaching. We examined our state historically from the past fourteen years of this democracy and we analyzed the various governments that have ruled this state since then. We came to certain conclusions. We tried to be as objective as possible since we are all professionals without political leanings. Even those among us who had sympathy for certain political parties were asked to be as objective as possible for the sake of our future and the future of our children. We agreed among ourselves that our decisions will not be clouded by our political preferences.

For emphasis, even though we were non-partisans, we had some of us who had sympathy for the PDP, the APC, Labour, as well as some minority parties. We decided that we were not in that meeting for party sympathy but for the overall betterment of this State. What we did was to be scientific in our approach by looking at developmental indices like education, health, physical infrastructure, personality of contestants and some other developmental parameters. We looked at the number of years which each of the two leading Parties had ruled against what legacy it left behind for the indigenes. Good enough, the two leading parties have ruled for equal number of years, so it made it even easier to have a balanced survey: The PDP had ruled this state for seven and half years (2003-2010, November), while the Alliance for Democracy, AD, presently All Peoples Congress, APC, have also ruled for seven and half years too, (1999-2003 and November 2010-May 2014, respectively, then).

We then commissioned some non-indigenes who are not even from the South west states, with sound academic background and of impeccable characters from our higher institutions to research into each of the above mentioned indices and parameters and performance of each of the two parties against the periods when they have held sway, without letting them know the purpose of the research. In fact we told them that it was for academic purpose. This was to make the result as objective as possible.

The outcome was revealing. The APC (and former AD) had outstanding and far better results in each of the indices and parameters much more than those of the PDP. The result also showed that relative peace reigned far better during the AD and present APC years. The personalities of the governors and leaders under the PDP and AD/APC were miles apart in terms of what we all now know of the popular Omoluabi mantra.

What else do we need to unanimously support the APC? If we say we are educated, we have applied the scientific method and we tried to be as unbiased as possible. Even those of us who once had sympathy for the PDP instantly had no choice but to have a change of mind. We are all achievers in our various callings. We were not looking for personal gains and we had no personal contacts with any of the personalities or the parties involved. All we wanted was the good of our dear state, Osun.

We have tested the two parties and the two personalities involved, (one was a deputy governor and a former senator, while the other is just concluding his first term in office as governor apart from his eight years of public service as commissioner for works in Lagos state) and we dare say that we know which one is better of the two.

For sure, Aregbesola has given us true dividends of democracy and we are proud to support him. We are even using our personal resources to promote his cause and we believe that a true son of Oduduwa will not hesitate to support him for this reelection bid. He has performed wonders in his barely four years in office; he has transformed the state into a national wonder, to the envy of other states. We dare say that it will be a big mistake and drawback to allow the PDP to have another incursion into our political landscape in Osun or any of the southwest state. The Government House and the Governor’s Office should be out of bound for the PDP. It should be our collective efforts, not of the APC alone. The Ekiti incidence is a very good eye opener and a blessing in disguise. We will not let in our guard. We shall protect our votes and the votes of the vulnerable. This is where we stand.

Ayo Akinola, arpa, is the Chairman of Dolam Group of Companies, a publisher, a media and PR consultant as well as the leader of Oranmiyan Supports Group. He could be reached via