Over 28,000 Nigerian graduates educated in India

Tripura University

Tripura University

Dr Collins Nyenze, President of the Indian Universities Alumni Association of Nigeria, on Monday said that about 28,732 Nigerians have been educated in various Indian Colleges and Universities.

Nyenze disclosed this to NAN on the sidelines of a farewell party organised by the association for the outgoing Head of the Lagos Office of the High Commission of India, Mrs Rani Malick.

“From my association’s record so far, not less than 28,732 Nigerians have been educated in various Indian Colleges and Universities.

“And today, most of us are happy that we had the opportunities to study in these educational institutions.

“These Indian institutions had the facilities and learning environment that allowed us to become who we are today.

“Most of us who studied in these Indian colleges and universities are today doing well in our various fields and we are happy with ourselves,” he said.

The association’s president said that such Nigerians, with various areas of specialization, were presently contributing to Nigeria’s development, as well as the growth of their immediate communities.

Nyenze said that they had over the years distinguished themselves in accounting, political science, public administration, medicine, pharmacy, engineering and other fields, across Nigeria.

He, therefore, urged the Federal Government to embrace plans by Indian colleges and universities to establish their institutions in Nigeria.

Nyenze expressed confidence in the facilities and educational standards of the Indian colleges and universities.

“It is my firm belief that the establishment of Indian colleges and universities in Nigeria will make young Nigerians have access to qualitative education.

“I strongly believe that their coming will open a new educational perspective to young Nigerians,” he added.