patience ozokwo
Movie star, Patience Ozokwor known for her ‘evil woman’ roles in movies has explained why she plays wicked roles.

Contrary to her movie roles, the Margaret Thatcher of Nollywood in  a recent interview said, “I am so tender and kind when  I am not on set. People are known for stunts, romance, bad boys and girls, gigolo and so on, but I have that as my strong point. It was when I was coming up that I thought I might get hurt or be hated for playing those roles, but I never knew it was going to even make me popular and loved. 

The roles I play most times are very vibrant and make people want to watch all my movies; even if I play the role of a good woman now, my fans will start complaining, you understand? And if your fans start complaining that they don’t want you in a particular role, it makes the producers want to give you those bad woman roles the more.

I don’t ask for it, they just give it to me and if the script I get has something new and my fans are anxious of what the role is going to be, I can make it different from what I used to do. It is not easy to play bad roles at all times.

Ask any artiste around you and they will tell you it’s not easy to cry and shout on set at the same time when it isn’t your normal self. It is not an easy task at all.” she explained