Paula Patton refused to take Robin Thicke back because she’s a lesbian?

Lol. MTO my MTO…I love this website…they write whatever they like whenever they want. Now they are reporting that actress Paula Patton is refusing to take husband Robin Thicke back because she likes women. Find the blockbuster report below… just got wind of a blockbuster report – actually it’s a strong rumour that we heard from a popular actress – that knows both Paula Patton and her estranged husband Robin Thicke.

The actress told, “Robin and Paula aren’t getting back together because Paula’s into girls. I think she may have been bisexual before, but she’s now given up on the d*ck.” Continue…

The insider continued on with the TEA.’s snitch added, “I don’t think Robin’s cheating made her give up on d*ck either, she just likes women. . . . Actually, I think she may have just used that as an excuse to get out of her marriage.”

We’re told that Paula is now seeing a “blonde” woman from LA that looks like a model.

Good for Paula . . . life is too short to not go after what you WANT!!