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A UK based Zimbabwean entrepreneur and inventor Joyline Jose has developed a urinal potty toilet system for young boys that is set to become a worldwide household prod.

The urinary potty is the first of its type anywhere in the world, and will make it far much easier for male kids to do the right thing the first time while they are still young.

Joyline told ZimEye about the invention and said she is now looking for investors to come on board.


Pee like daddy

The new revolutionary urinary potty for boys, changes the way mums train their little boys to pee. Conceived and designed by a mother for parents and their children, the new Boyz Urinal Potty has been dubbed, ‘Pee Like Your Daddy’.

Inventor Joyline who is based in the town of Leeds, England, told ZimEye her invention will take ‘potty training to a whole new level !’

“I have invented a boy’s urinal potty which will take potty training to a whole new level, with its unique chime alert (using nursery rhymes) pressure pads system on the base of the unit so that you know when the boy is using the potty.

“It is Portable and allows the child to urinate standing up by himself this will allow them to practice aiming without any fuss. Having a potty urinal for your son will mean being able to get him to stand up to pee much sooner, as well as less messes to clean up around the toilet, which the whole family may not be happy with,” said Joyline who is also a mom to a boy and knows much about cleaning up after the boys have messed up.

Joyline Jose

Joyline Jose, Boys Urinary Potty product inventor

Joyline added that she is now looking for potential investors to inject into her project. She told ZimEye that all the registration and patenting were completed both in the United States and the United Kingdom and now she is inviting capital merchants interested in her project to contact her.

Boyz Urinal Potty is a potential problem solver of teaching a child to transition from potty training sitting down to urinating standing up, this will avoid the emotional embarrassment and bulling when other boys laugh at slow learners as they pee sitting down in school toilets.

It’s a very essential piece of equipment since it goes beyond potty training alone through using it as a separate toilet for the child for hygienic reasons.

Professionally engineered, lightweight and portable, the Boyz Urinal Potty is equipped with unique chime alert system pressure pads on the base of the unit so that you can know when the lad is using it. The potty is adjustable in size meaning the little one grows with it up to an age of about 5 years old.

The potty has a large market target including nurseries, children hospitals, and can be used outdoors as well.

Joyline Jose says she developed the idea when her son turned two, and started potty training him using normal conventional sit down potties.

“When he was three I wanted him to transition from urinating sitting down to urinating while standing. I started looking for a boy’s urinal in baby shops but to no avail. I decided to use the bathroom toilet instead.

“As he was learning his aim there were lots of over-spray and mess every time. I was cleaning my toilet and floor constantly. I got so frustrated that I decided to come up with a solution. I wanted something that would separate toilet training from the family bathroom. That’s when the boyz urinal potty was born December 2011. I hope Boyz Urinal Potty can be of help to all parents,” says mom of two who is looking to venture further in the baby business industry where she says there are a lot of opportunities for developing new products.

Interested investors can contact Joyline Jose by Email : ; Twitter : @Boyz potty.


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