Petition to President: Crimes of First degree in Thuyic, Lakes State

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In South Sudan
Aug 14th, 2014


AUG/14/2014, SSN;


In tears, we write to Your Excellency, so that you may come to our aid!

What has gone wrong in Thuyic Community’s villages and its surroundings?

On the faces of Maleng-agok’s thousands displaced persons (crowded into Rumbek town inner courts and bushes of Ror-nhom), one discerns physical hunger, sadness and deep-seated fear.

On behalf of Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam, we, the undersigned youth members and representives do hereby make to send our condolence message to bereaved family members of Chut Dhuol Mathiang and Joknyang Sub-clan in Athoi of Aliemtooc one, and on this same token, we also author to denounce the uncalled for action by our brother and son of late Chief Maker Mabor Riak, who without any knowledge of his own brothers and Thuyic as a community did this trivial act of revenge on late Paramount Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol on the night of 5th August 2014. MAY HIS SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE!

We want to make it crystal clear to all Gony community members in Lakes state, South Sudan, and outside that this revenge killing of late Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol has no approval of Thuyic Community, and even within the family of late Chief Maker Mabor Riak, who if he were to live again, he won’t too have endorsed of this retribution, and this was manifested on the morning of 7th August 2014, when Gony, and their allies matched onto Thuyic Community’s villages of Akukuel, Maleng-Agok, Makuac, Panbar-kou, Gorok, Malual, Bilieng-mei, Ayen-Paciec, Malith, and Makuaar massively armed with 23 PKM automatic weapons and hundreds of AK 47 rifles.

As we probe the incident and embark on getting the culprit (s) to account, we were dumb-founded and appalled by acts of rapes, looting of housing properties including food plates and anything of family food that Gony youths and their allies lay their hands on.

Genesis of the matter that transpired to today’s retribution killing–for knowledge of far readers beyond our borders, and other South Sudanese.

Cattle youth leader of Thuyic Community called Bec Dong Manguen was first murdered in cold blood by the cattle youth that hailed from late Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol. Information leaked out that it was today’s late chief Aparer Chut Dhuol that masterminded the killing. The present Governor was too accused of having made an assurance of his military rank, when his today’s late brother elder son questioned their plan and informed them that he will be the next target once the Thuyic cattle youth leader is slain. Indeed, on September 17th 2001, Bec Dong Manguen was round up and killed.

The relatives of late Bec Dong Manguen did not react immediately, appeased by the assurance of the then authorities when the current MP of Eastern Rumbeck County was the Commissioner and the current Governor as an area commander.

From 17th Sept. 2001 – 3rd August 2002, nothing was done for the blood of the decease, and culprits supposed to be for arrest in Rumbeck prison were able to roam Rumbeck town and dance with their peers. This annoyed the relatives of late Bec Dong of Thuyic, and they retaliated on 4th August 2002 with killing of Jafar Aparer Chut Dhuol.

The present General Inspector of Police, who was then a senior commander of SPLA, was dispatched to settle the problem in Sept. 2002. All the murders from both sides were sentenced to fire squad. That concluded that period. The situation was again detonated by Gony member of the section whose brother was got killed in the battle by avenging on Tur-agau Makoi Ayuek April 2008 from Thuyic. That incident again triggered another wave of violence till October 2012 when the two communities again reached Peace. Again on 5th Aug. 2014, late Chief Maker Mabor Riak’s son retaliated on Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol when Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol is a Governor. Can anything tangible come out! You are the judge!

For the past eleven years of this repeated conflict between Thuyic and Gony sections of Athoi, there was no one time that Thuyic would act as this, and run to hide.

We deplore the mentality and essence of the rape: The most injurious act

But, Mr. President, we compose this petition, for we are very much saddened and bewildered by the following atrocities committed in Thuyic Community’s villages of Maleng-agok Payam against our most innocent women and girls.

1. On the night of 6th and 7th August 2014, a shameful looting of goats, sheep, mattresses, bed-sheets (any housing property), and went on rampage to shattering of wooden beds happened in Akukuel, Maleng-agok, Panbar-kou, Makuac, and Gorok villages.

2. All milking cattle at homes for children were raided and taken away.

3. And on the nights of 6th and 7th August 2014, the unthinkable was done – the raping of eleven women and two girls (confirmed cases) – many currently admitted in Salva Kiir Mayardit Women Hospital in Rumbek Town. Their names are withheld for confidentiality.

4. On the same day of 7th August 2014, two schools of Maleng-agok community of Gorok and Panbar-kou Girls Primary school, built with donations of Italian Government, and European Union has been vandalized with all its all 1,120 teaching text books, exercises, chairs, tables, cooking utensils, and one tailoring machine, all looted or tore into pieces.

5. On the night of 10th August 2014, the joint forces, which were for disarmament process meant for Lakes state, were ordered to search for the culprits, however, they ended up torturing and beat up all women in Ror-nhom villages of Ayen-Paciec, Malith, Makuaar and nearby areas.

6. All Thuyic cattle have been driven off from their villages and cattle camps to Aduel, Eastern Rumbek County Headquarters’, and even those residents, who are in Atiaba Payam area of Pan-Ater Malek! The argument of this action is said to be a means of bringing to books the culprit(s). The old, (men & women) children dependent on these cattle are exposed to all sorts of hazardous cold, malaria, & starvation from rains & mosquitoes. No relatives to take of them for fear of risks of physical torture and rape.

7. On 13th August 2014, the other remaining cattle of Thuyic have been driven to Lang-cok Military barrack. Lang-cok has been known as one notorious military prison in Lakes state during 2012 – 2013. It was said that it has been closed down. Here comes again its revival as collection point of Thuyic cattle wealth. Isn’t it that this is the most painful form of punishment that has been done to Thuyic Community with raping of their women? Why would Governor of Lakes think that taking all cattle of Thuyic is the best idea? Isn’t it the same looting and destruction of property done in their villages by his Gony cattle youth continuing? Does this action conform to which law of our land? Remember, we are in an independent nation of South Sudan where laws are paramount in whichever situation or circumstances!

We want these culprits, who raped our ladies arrested and whose names are identified as:

1. Sebit Mapuor Chut Dhuol Mathiang
2. Chol Maper Chol Riak

From the victims’ mouths, they have identified Sebit Mapuor Chut Dhuol Mathiang, and his group, who gang-raped the two lactating women of Makur Adoldit in Makuac village of Maleng-agok Payam, and Chol Maper Chol Riak with his group to have gang-raped the two young girls.

They are days of sadness (Thuyic Community’s ladies raped), and that a cohesion of harmony that had existed for thousands of years has been finally broken, and at its thinnest stretch.

Thuyic, a community under siege!

The few women are either in hiding in the bushes of their villages being constantly terrorized at dust in their homes or they are in total dislodge from their homes. This situation has caused a serious panic, which is wide spread from both sides – that women raping is as a tool to fizzed off the other side so that they accept battle. It was meant as a thing for Thuyic youths to test of their manhood. But, maintained their stand for peace of 2012.

Governor’s efforts could be futile:

While it is an integral duty of the leadership of the Governor of Lakes State, Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol, and his entire government, the general situation seems highly tense with security void to control any further ignition from the side of the bereaved family or both. The signs we are witnessing are dare and very volatile for any meaningful restrains. We thus far, request your Excellency for an urgent high-level committee in composition of Justice Ministry, Human Rights commission, National Security Service, military committee, national assembly and Council of States to come and verify for themselves of what had happened, and to recommend more meaningful measures and of whose overall implementation would be from this composition so that situation is rescued or else a time bomb is on trigger any day or any hour from August 2014 and onwards.

Disarmament is as a mask of the reality and resources accumulation in Lakes state.

Lakes state has been a scene of hundreds of thousands of communal conflicts. The reality is the bad leaderships whose main goal is resources accumulation. Disarmament has been done here for more than ten (10) times, however, guns remain in the hands of civilians. No one has ever asked WHY? The answer is simple, a business and project of those within and out. This disarmament is very uneven in Aliemtooc with Gony cattle youths never touched or even asked to surrender their guns especially during this time of Gen. Matur in leadership! The Security Service can tell you Mr. President of this reality, and that they remain untouchable.

Culprits remaining at large!

It is becoming a culture in Lakes state that culprits remain at large and authorities aren’t able to apprehend them. The Rup Vs Kuei conflict. The most recent incident of the same nature is that of 1st Lt. Mayen Muorwel Abergut Reech (wildlife soldier).
We need the rape culprits round up and captured for questioning by the court of law.

We call on (Nyar-acoot) Dok Machuei Mabor (Maker Mabor Riak) to Surrender to authorities of Lakes state.

We too call upon late Chief Maker Mabor’s son to surrender himself to Lakes state authorities. It wasn’t just half made decision of retribution without consequences. As a man, there is always a climax of any choice to make of the deed. Here comes a revenge of your late father, whose killers had made a choice of their action then. There is nothing to hide about. Be brave enough to yield in and accept the consequence of the undertaking.

Here began our nightmare!

When Police arrogant is seen in admitting only two cases of rape and ignoring others – Radio Miraya interview of 13/08/2014.

With nothing working out in Lakes state, Police inability has been one big setback in point in tackling communal disputes; that the Governor himself did try to stop their payments for two months starting February – May 2014 contending that, they were being paid for the job undone. Lakes State Commissioner of Police portrayed this attitude of no-job-done-by-the-police on 13th August 2014 in an interview with radio Miraya FM 101, when he said that there were only two cases brought to their attention, and nothing of those 12/13 cases that he has any knowledge. Yes, they have no idea because police is not abreast with troubles at hand in Lakes state! Isn’t this denial of real matters that Lakes state will not make any inch of stability? I am afraid that a nation with corrupt and dishonest police is doom to fail, unless a miracle happens to change the mentality and way of doing national concerns.

Call for an urgent Humanitarian assistance by UN agencies for affected people of Maleng-agok Payam:

Having been made homeless, forsaken and vulnerable during such heavy rains with every property either looted or destroyed, we call upon all UN agencies, International Organizations, and Community Base Organization to come to the aid of this community. Their entire livelihoods have been vandalized including clothing.

Our recommendations and ways forward to mitigate the looming situation

1. There is need for an urgent dispatch of high delegation to come and assess atrocities committed and what could be done to get the culprits of either act who revenge on late Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol.
2. That the rapists be apprehended at the quickest possible time to close the wide-open gap so that victims’ relatives’ annoyance be quelled timely.
3. There should be standing order for return of all looted cattle, goats, sheep and all housing properties.
4. And that all cattle taken from Thuyic Community’s camps and villages be returned to their owners till the committees recommend any possible compensation and any other measures as required.
5. Disarmament should be done by SPLA with direct command from Juba for it to be of any meaningful result or meet the intent.

We stand for peace, justice, unity, reconciliation and prosperity in Eastern Rumbek County, Lakes State and South Sudan at large.

May God bless Lakes state people for change of heart to forgive each other and bless South Sudan for peaceful co-existence and tolerance?

Signed on behalf of Thuyic Community Leadership – Youth Wing by:

1. Mabior W. Makuek Dut.
2. Mary Ayen Chol
3. Jonah Marier Mabeny

For contacts please don’t hesitate to write or call:

Mabior W. Makuek Dut at: / 0955263607/0977919696

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