PF Continue to Frustrate UPND’s Kakoma

KakomaLosing Zambezi West Patriotic Front candidate Christabel Ng’imbu has taken her Charles Kakoma fear factor by appealing the High Court decision to allow the UPND member re-contest his seat.

Ng’imbu, who has pulled all the tricks in the book with the backing of her party, has not given up despite the Electoral Commission of Zambia saying the election will go ahead as planned on September 11 with candidates successfully filing their nominations.

Lusaka High Court judge Judy Mulongoti ruled that Kakoma should be allowed to re-contest the seat but Ng’imbu has since filed an appeal in the Supreme Court despite the elections going ahead.

The ECZ has said that the poll will go as planned as the High Court had not furnished the ECZ with a report on the alleged corrupt activities.

Ng’imbu lost the 2011 elections to Kakoma and seems to have been banking on Kakoma being struck off the ballot to have a chance of winning the election.