ParliamentCivil society organization Rainbow Coalition says government’s reluctance to state its clear position on the proposed increment of salaries by Members of Parliament is a sign of approval.

Government through Minister of Information and Broadcasting Joseph Katema has been hazy on the proposed increment of gratuity and allowances for parliamentarians.

Katema, who is also a legislator, claimed government will not interfere on the manner legislators were going to handle the issue of gratuity that has raised controversy with a public disapproval sounded roundly.

Rainbow Coalition chairperson Cleopas Phiri said government had given their seal of approval by not being categorical on the subject.

“Government cannot afford to just runaway from giving their position on the salary increment and gratuity. It is unfair for MPs to ask for gratuity and an increase at a time when government has put a wage freeze for the civil service,” Phiri said.

“These are people that get cars without tax, subsidized meals with every imaginable subsidies for ordinary Zambians having been removed. They should be able to feel for the majority Zambians wallowing in poverty.”

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