PF May Never Deliver Constitution, says Chief Mukuni

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Jul 8th, 2014

Chief MukuniSenior Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya people of Kazungula says it is possible that the next government will deliver the much demanded for constitution.

Mukuni said that although the Patriotic Front government was unlikely to deliver a people driven constitution it was not entirely up to the current government but it could be delivered after the next election.

The traditional leader, however, noted that it is possible that the PF could redeem themselves by giving Zambians a people driven constitution and immortalize their legacy.

He said that no matter what anyone was going to do or say the country would have a new constitution very soon.

“My worry is not that it is coming today or tomorrow but my worry is that Zambia will have its constitution no matter what, that is agreed maybe it is a question of when, “ he said.

“Maybe the PF government is not prepared to usher in a new constitution in this term of office, maybe they want to usher it in the next one if they will have a next term of office.”

He added: “Maybe it is waiting for the next government to come and usher a new constitution but it is definitely coming.”

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