Pipeline fire going on 2nd day in Nigeria’s delta

By benim
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May 25th, 2011

LAGOS, Nigeria – Police say that emergency workers are trying to put out a pipeline fire in Nigeria’s oil-rich southern delta.

Delta State police spokesman Charles Muka told The Associated Press Wednesday that the fire engulfed a pipeline belonging to a subsidiary of state-owned oil company Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. He said casualty figures were not yet available for the blaze that started early Tuesday in the town of Amukpe.

A spokesman for the corporation, Levi Ajonuma, said the cause of the fire was a “willful destruction of government property.”

Militants in the restive region have been targeting oil facilities since 2006.

However, fires in the area are often started accidentally by people who scoop oil from leaking pipelines to sell on the black market.

Nigeria is a top supplier of crude to the U.S. AP

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