Police Boss Celebrates Blocking UPND

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Mar 18th, 2014

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Published March 18, 2014 By Nse Udoh

LibonganiEastern Province Police Commissioner Grace Chipalile went further than her boundaries when she publicly celebrated the halting of United Party for National Development rallies by saying they will not be granting the opposition party a permit to hold rallies any time soon.

Chipalile had dutifully executed instructions from her handlers to hound the opposition leader out of Eastern Province using armed police officers.

The police officers trailed Hichilema and his entourage from Mambwe District through to Chipata to make sure he was flashed out of the province where he had obtained permits to address meetings for 10 days.

Earlier in the day police had unleashed a wave of brutality of Mambwe District residents who had turned up for a meeting that Hichilema was due to address.

Hichilema had been due to meet residents of Masumba when the police went brutal on the locals.

“Officers have just escorted him (HH) out of Eastern Province. We have cancelled all their rallies because they were campaigning in areas where there are supposed to have by-elections,” said Chipalile despite having given permits a fortnight ago.

“We are not going to give them any permit soon because they have
brought confusion in the province.”

Police have become notorious for their relying on the defective Public Order Act to deny the opposition and civil society permission to hold rallies usually on flimsy grounds.

While Police have usually claimed lack of manpower, they have often come enmasse heavily armed to break up rallies held by unarmed citizens.

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