President Jonathan Negotiated With Criminals, so why not Dialogue – Ayo Oritsejafor

By Fejiro Oliver
In preparation for the National Dialogue which is expected to kick off any time soon, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has inaugurated a six-man committee that will bare the mind of the group. The President of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor who inaugurated the committee in Abuja on Monday noted that there is no better time to dialogue on the state of the country than now, while congratulating the President for having the guts to finally

call for this dialogue.

“Nigeria has come to a place; President Jonathan has taken a bold step that will address all the issues about Nigeria. As CAN President, I want to congratulate the President for taking this step. We are prepared and set for it. So we are setting up a special committee that will draft the presentation we will make an exciting time. It is a challenging time. No nation grows without challenges”, he stated.

He lambasted the critics of the National Dialogue, wondering why they should oppose it now, when they were the ones calling for it before.

“Sometimes I get troubled about the way some people reason. A man has taken a bold step. So many people have been calling for a national conference; suddenly people are saying the timing is wrong. I remember some people then said that the President should dialogue with Boko Haram. We said no, but he went ahead and negotiated with criminals. Where we are now is very critical. We need to sit down and talk. We would have achieved something. This is an incredible opportunity for us to sit down and talk. The positive side outweighs the negative side”, he noted.

The six member committee are Prof. Emele Uka (Chairman), Elder Albert Uko (Secretary), Mrs Kate Okparake, Elder John Achimugu, Chief Chukwuma Igwe and Apostle Etimbule Sunday

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