President Jonathan Orders Wearing Armed Forces Remembrance Emblem in Public Offices

By IndepthAfrica
In Nigeria
Dec 16th, 2013

President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria has ordered that all public officials, civil servants and visitors to government establishments to wear the 2014 Armed forces Remembrance Emblems.

The President gave the order during the emblem appeal launch ceremony for the 2014 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration held at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. He said, “I would like to encourage all Nigerians to procure and wear these emblems with pride throughout this period”.

“It will be a requirement for all our staff and visitors to wear the emblem to gain access to all government establishments. I, personally, will put on the emblem from today to the end of the remembrance period which is January 15″.

“This will show that we appreciate the sacrifices that our fallen heroes and veteran made. It will also assure those that they left behind that their service is being remembered”.

All Presidential visitors without the emblem will be turned away.

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