President Jonathan said the movie was very Well Done -Omoni Oboli

Judith Frank-Edet


Omoni Oboli who has been trending for a while and seems to be the new face of Nollywood had a chat up with Net.Ng where she revealed a lot about the movie ‘Being Mrs Elliot’, the blue dress and lots more.Read;

What was his(President Jonathan) reaction after watching the movie?


He said the movie was very good and very well done. We showed it at the Presidential banquet hall, of course we showed it on a projector, which is not purpose-built for a cinema and it was good, which was one of the reasons he commended the production….

What is your reaction to the allegation that you deliberately chose to wear a revealing dress because you were going to Aso Rock?


 I don’t think the dress is revealing, instead I think the pictures that were sent out – which I didn’t send out – were taken from a funny angle. I don’t think the dress was too revealing and I don’t think I was revealing my vital assets. The dress had a little opening, but I was not revealing anything that was not supposed to be revealed and I don’t see any reason why people would say what they were saying, but the truth is people will always talk. There is no way they won’t have talked about this thing. There are a lot of people who won’t be happy about it, maybe because they would have wanted something like that to happen to them and it didn’t happen, so they looked for something negative to say. We are human beings and we should expect that in life, but the most important thing in my life is the opinion of people who matter to me and what they think. If they think it’s ok, then it is. The people who don’t know me, or those who think I’m negative don’t matter to me….

These people you say don’t know you are the ones who buy your movies. Are you saying in essence that…


 I’m not talking about my fans here. My real fans know me and what I stand for. I’m not just talking about my family. My real fans know me and what I stand for. They know what and how I think, because of the way I have been over time and they have been following me, so they know who the real me is, and trust me those real fans don’t think I did anything wrong.


 Who styled you and how much did the dress cost?

 I styled myself and I’m not telling how much the dress cost. I picked it up at a store in the US….