President Mugabe Obsessed With Tsvangirai

Dear Editor,

If Morgan Tsvangirai was a woman, he would by now be Mugabe’s second wife. It is hardly a day without a ZANU PF cabinet Minister chanting derogatory tunes or blame on Tsvangirai. It now seems like an over-played song. Instead of focusing on real issues, we hear them focus either on Tsvangirai or Baba Jukwa; issues that will never get Zimbabwe where it is supposed to be at this critical hour.

Isn’t it time up for Mugabe and ZANU PF to get rid of their Tsvangirai hangover?

It’s so sad to read and see how Mugabe, Grace and ZANU people are still so hallucinated with Tsvangirai syndrome one year after they “Nikuved” him of an election victory.

The insults that they keep yelling at Tsvangirai save only to demonstrate that the whole system misses Tsvangirai and they cannot function without as part of the active Zimbabwe politics rubric.

Recent attacks by Mugabe and Grace on Tsvangirai’s personal life cannot be allowed to go unchallenged by members of the public. There is nothing new about Tsvangirai’s private life and attacking Tsvangirai doesn’t put food on the table for a poor man in the streets of Mbare or a Chitungwiza city council worker who has not been paid for the past 13 months. Denigrating Morgan will not solve the burning issue of a mismanaged economy and an encourage corruption platform. In any case it is true that a poor workman always blames his tools. ZANU PF now controls the full stadium of government power but is failing and must step out of the burning kitchen to blame Tsvangirai on anything.

Mugabe now resembles an old toothless dog that barks at nothing in the middle of the night, disturbing your sleep. It is our duty as Zimbabweans Mr Editor, to bring sanity to our country. When an old man starts to show signs of dementia or being senile it is the duty of the young to remind him to have some respectable rest so that stops disturbing every conversation in the family.

With this in mind, I call upon the relevant first family and ZANU PF to start restraining the old man before he embarrasses the whole nation.

I am aware that it is difficult to forget an old friend but in this instance, Mugabe and his friends must forget about Tsvangirai.  Tsvangirai remains a hero in his own right for shaking a government that had taken people for granted for decades. In any case, without Tsvangirai, we would not be having the pluralism in legislative debates that we now so enjoy in Parliament today. Give us a break and concentrate on the economy.

This is the time for ZANU to walk the talk and implement all the promised goodies on ZIMASSET program. I should point out that Tsvangirai does not feature in that ZIMASSET program and as such Mugabe and his ZANU must stop prioritising Tsvangirai.

There are important issues that the president must be reporting on, like corruption, failing parastatals, closing down companies, hefty and obscene salaries in public institutions, unpaid workers.

It’s an open secret that the country might fail to pay civil servants in the coming months not far from now. Isn’t it time for these guys to look into bread and butter issues than Tsvangirai’s private life. Tsvangirai is not in government and is not responsible for a single government program at this point in time.

For that reason, as a nation we would like to request the old man to stop his wailing and concentrate on what he has been voted to do: that is to bring work to millions of young Zimbabweans who have never worked in their life time.

I should conclude by pointing out that ZANU in its long life of ruling Zimbabwe has only excelled in managing politics and elections, which explains why they can’t get over Tsvangirai hangover. ZANU is a party that strives on crashing the opposition and if tranquility exists the party is left exposed and can’t function.

That said, I encourage Tsvangirai to stay calm. he needs to collaborate with Biti, Welshman and other opposition parties on the table and plan for 2018. But they should work with honest minds and avoid being greedy for positions. Mind you the opposition is only planning for a transitional period that will reshape the national politics game.

By Farai Nyamupinga