President Silanyo speaks his candidacy, party strife & the ‘Shani” explosion

Hargeisa (Somalicurrent) – “Security which has been realized after a long is of paramount to the people. We were vigilant against foreign enemies. It is unfortunate that those who were entrusted with the security of the country and those who have ambition to lead the country, are said to be involved in actions that are intended to create chaotic situation in the country,” Said President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo in a pre-recorded speech announcing that he will run for a second term for the presidency of Somaliland.


President Silanyo emphasized in his speech that he is responsible for the nation and as such that he won’t be a silent observer, nor make any concession as far as the security of the country is concerned.

Elaborating this he said, “I will deal with these individuals very severely and take them to court. I would also like them to remember that I and my people are not those who are easily frightened by ‘Shani Explosions.”

Mouse Bihi and President SilanyoParty Strife:

Speaking about the political strife and division within the party he stated that he didn’t expect differences to surface and be public.

“I didn’t expect this at this time. I believed that the issue has been solved, misunderstandings cleared and that the conclusion of the 3rd Congress was a clear indicator. At the congress chairmen of the congress were elected and the leadership of the party was nominated and that the Central Party members were agreed upon.” He added.

The president reiterated that if any misunderstanding recurred that it should have been solved by party leadership, party MP’s and party cadres; with an option to solve the issue in accordance to party law and procedures.

Candidacy Declaration and Gurti mediation efforts

The incumbent president Silanyo in his speech announced that he has the legal right to run for presidency for a second term saying, “I am a candidate for the party. Is a democratic norm for an incumbent to run for a second term, I haven’t seen a party competing against its own incumbent president; but I am nor against such a competition.”

The president thanked the House of Elders (GUURTI) for their efforts to solve the differences within the party and his respects for them. He reminded them that he accepted their decision when he was said to have lost the presidency by 80 votes. He reiterated that he would prefer this strife to be solved within the party by its own laws.

Saleban MohamoudPresident Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo in his Twitter page sent a message to the people stating that dispute within the party would be solved within the next few days; but didn’t6 mention any specific date.

The division within the ruling party senior cadres has not caused a political tension in the political circle, but has created a great concern in the society.

President Silanyo since elected for the president of Somaliland, he didn’t hold a press conference where journalists are free to ask questions and this creates speculations to his leadership role in running the country.

Mohamoud Godah