Professor John Chisi file nomination papers, says he is ready to stir Malawi to economic prosperity

Professor Chisi receiving certificate after presenting the papers from MEC Chairperson Justice Mbendera SCBLANTYRE (MaraPost)–Professor John Chisi of Umodzi Party (UP) on Thursday filed his candidature for the Office of the President, saying he is ready to stir the country to economic prosperity.

Reading through a prepared speech titled “Achieving an efficient and prosperous Malawi”, Chisi said Malawi is a country with tremendous potential which need unraveled for the citizenry ro enjoy the benefits of the land.

Chisi also observed that Malawians are no longer naïve anymore because have gone through a bitter experience since the attainment of independence some 50 years ago.

“I stand before you here today with a sense of hope as I know that the prosperous future of Malawi has not been unveiled yet and is about to come.

“Malawi is a country with tremendous potential which we need to unravel in order to enjoy the benefits of the land,” said Chisi.

Poverty levels have risen instead of declining during the last 20 years of the country’s multiparty democracy, according UP’s Presidential candidate.

“During this period there were times when there was hope of progress, instead we have regressed because of uncompromising words, stubbornness and lack of cohension which has brought us to our knees economically, socially and politically.

“We are now also aware that lack of vision and dishonesty in leadership can make life very difficult for the citizens. Examples are everywhere for us to see and evaluate,” he asserted.

He therefore said time has come for Malawians to be united and move forward with both clear vision and honesty so that what is promised during campaign period can be translated into reality and the choices that people make in leadership will bring prosperity to all people.

“There is need for us to work together and empower people that God has put in our midst to look after us.

“The modified feudal system is the way out of our current state of inability to organise ourselves for a common good