Project Fame 7.0: Elimination Show 5, Oge and Laami Bow Out

The glitz, glamour and entertainment continued at the fifth elimination show as Laami and Oge were eliminated. Laami, Taiwo, Debbie, Christian and Oge all strived to give their best in their performances so as to avoid eviction.

Unfortunately, two of the contestants had to bow out and they were Laami and Oge. After the performances of the contestants, the Judges saved Christian for his energetic performance while the Faculty saved Debbie for being vastly improved. Taiwo polled the highest votes of six from his fellow contestants with all but 2 voting for him.

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Laami in her final speech expressed gratitude to the faculty and judges. She said she felt blessed to be in the show and that she learnt a lot while in the show emphasising that she will miss the academy. Oge said the end of the show for her wasn’t the end of her career. She said she did things she never knew she could do, adding that she always dreaded the part where the judges analysed her performance. She also promised to aspire for the best, especially in her music career.

Laami and Oge performed for the last time bidding farewell to the show as the other contestants joined them on stage.



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