Proof Bush Respected the Constitution More Than Obama


Bush also favored amnesty. But unlike Obama, he wasn’t prepared to torch the Constitution to do it.

After a broad immigration bill failed in 2007, President George W. Bush ordered his staff to come up with every possible change he could make without the approval of Congress.

“Gregory Jacob, who worked on immigration issues with the president’s Domestic Policy Council, said the list included similarly broad protections from deportation as those implemented by Obama. But Bush’s staff concluded that the president didn’t have the legal authority to grant such “sweeping and categorical” protections, Jacob said.

Now Obama has gotten similar legal advice over his illegal actions, such as the Libyan War, and he rejected them.

Where Bush saw a Stop sign, Obama sees Forward sign.

Legal warnings from his own people telling him that he can’t do something are ignored.

I wrote about this attitude last month.

If you can do something, you do it. If your opponents can’t stop you, then you have the right to do it. The true radical, the man of destiny, will do anything he wants because that is what makes him great. Lies are constant and utterly shameless. No lie can ever be exposed because the liar moves on to the next lie and then the one after that. Truth is as meaningless in a Kto-Kovo world as law.

A Kto-Kovo leader, whether in the 7th century or the 21st century, operates by rallying his followers through bold acts that expand their power and humiliate and destroy the morale of their enemies.

This has been Obama’s lawless attitude all along. It’s what led to the border crisis. It is what is leading him to illegal alien amnesty.