Proposal to extent security measures in South Darfur’s capital

By IAfrica
In Sudan
Jul 28th, 2014

The Commissioner of Nyala North proposed to verify the identity of all residents in the northern districts of South Darfur’s capital.

Nyala North Commissioner El Hadi Eisa Saeed told the press on Saturday that he has called for the verification of “any person” living in the northern parts of the capital.

“There are two reasons for concentrating on Nyala North, and in particular the Riyadh district which is the stronghold of the Rapid Support Forces and the Border Guards militias,” he explained.

“The first reason is the large presence of militiamen in the area, and the second is that there are outlaws committing crimes, while dressed in those militia’s uniforms.”

The Commissioner said that the security authorities concentrated on the paramilitary Border Guards and the Rapid Support Militias, “but at the end of the matter, we found others wearing those militias’ uniforms”. “A group of outlaws in militia uniforms was arrested in broad daylight during Ramadan. They were eating roasted meat, and drinking alcohol.”

On 15 July, the Governor of South Darfur State issued a number of “emergency measures” on Tuesday, in an attempt to combat the rampant insecurity in the capital Nyala. The Commissioner of Nyala North said at the time that the measures were taken as “life has become unbearable in Nyala”.

“The security forces will strictly deal with thieves and robbers within the city. We call on all citizens to report any person violating the emergency order.”

File photo:  Darfuri militiamen having breakfast (Andrew Carter, 2008)


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