Rains across Sudan; 800 homes washed away in Central Darfur

By IAfrica
In Sudan
Jul 27th, 2014

Heavy rainfall and the ensuing floods affected different parts in Sudan the past few days. Torrential rains in Nierteti locality, Central Darfur, destroyed more than 800 camp shelters on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A camp leader reported to Radio Dabanga that heavy downpours on Tuesday and Wednesday wiped away more than 800 homes in Khor Ramla camp, and the Nierteti North and South camps. “Hundreds of displaced now are living in the open, after having lost most of their poor possessions.”

He called on relief organisations to provide plastic sheets, tents, and mosquito nets to the affected in the Nierteti camps.

Heavy rains and floods in the River Nile State in northern Sudan on Friday swept away large tracts of cultivated lands. In the east, in Sennar State, the districts of El Gal’a, Banat, and the southern and western districts of Sinja were seriously affected. The rainfall damaged the electricity poles, causing power and water supply outages. The capital Khartoum also witnessed heavy rains, especially in the northern and western parts.

File photo: A man whose house was destroyed by rains in the outskirts of Khartoum last year


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