Rains bring destruction in Yassin locality, East Darfur


The torrential rains that hit Sudan last week, swept away the governmental administrative unit in Yassin locality in East Darfur. About 250 houses collapsed in the locality, as well as a number of basic school classes. In northern Sudan, problems arose over the distribution of relief items.

Abdel Jabbar Abdallah, Member of Parliament for Yassin constituency, said that the damage caused by the heavy rainfall and the ensuing floods is still being inventoried. The northern and the southern road in the locality have become impassable. All police stations are flooded, some of them a on the verge of collapsing.  

The MP warned for a health disaster in the region, as a huge number of toilets broke down too. He called on the Sudanese Humanitarian Aid Commission to “immediately provide relief to the affected”.

File photo: Floods in Sudan, August 2013 (Haitham Ibrahim/IFRC)

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