Rand Paul is the Non-Interventionist Interventionist America was Waiting For

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Aug 30th, 2014

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

Rand Paul, Kelley Ashby

Rand Paul is truly all things to all people.

While at Cato, Doug Bandow praises Rand Paul as the only Republican alternative to warmongers like Rick Perry, at the Daily Beast, Olivia Nuzzi calls him the second coming of Bush I and Eisenhower.

“Most of Clinton’s potential GOP opponents share Washington’s bomb, invade, and occupy consensus. The only exception is Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul,” Bandow writes.

Of course Bandow also thinks that Saddam invaded Kuwait because we supported the Shah. (Libertarian non-interventionists, like leftists, always find convoluted ways of explaining why it’s all our fault. If we change a regime, it’s our fault. If we support a regime, it’s our fault.)

Meanwhile Nuzzi reports that Paul has gathered some figures who are a little far away from Planet Cato.

“In addition to Burt, the group includes Rob Givens, a retired U.S. Air Force brigadier general from Kentucky, and Elise Jordan, Condoleezza Rice’s one-time speechwriter, and Lorne Craner, a former John McCain staffer and the head of the International Republican Institute. Hardly a collection of pacifists.”

John McCain. Oh my.

“When Paul arrived to his home state of Kentucky on Monday, four days had passed since Obama became the fourth consecutive U.S. president to initiate military action in Iraq. During that time, the senator, widely considered the early frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, had remained confoundingly silent. When he finally spoke—first in Campbellsville, where he said he has “mixed feelings about” re-engagement but he is not “completely opposed to helping with arms or maybe even bombing,” and then in Louisville, where he informed he has an “open mind” about what course of action the U.S. should take.”

If you’ve heard Obama speak, that sounds familiar.

So Rand Paul is the non-interventionist interventionist America has been waiting for since 2008… when Obama became the non-interventionist interventionist.

Say what you will about Ron Paul, he would usually clarify where he stood on an issue. Rand Paul just muddies things more.

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