I think Bereket has to work to make things better than worse. The deportation of Eritreans is not the heart of the problem. It is how their property is treated. When you say you have a country where other people’s property is sold by simple cadres and generals in the broad day light, everyone in his/her mind know that something is wrong with the country. For your surprise even simple thieves in Ethiopia were able to sell hard earned Eritrean property, including houses, in the market. I do not remember hearing news anywhere in the world where street thieves sold houses that did not belong to them. So the deportation of Eritreans is a symptom to what is going on in Ethiopia with regard to Eritreans who lived in Ethiopia. In nutshell that is what it makes it ethnic cleansing than deportation. You deport a person who broke the law of the country. Even if Bereket claims they had an intention to break the law, first it is a suspicion and second 70,000 people cannot be classified under that category. So it was ethnic cleansing masked by an interest by TPLF cadres to loot the property.
The second issue what Bereket raised in his discussion was Badme. Bereket knows Badme is given to Eritrea and there is no way can argue against that decision directly. However he chose to do it indirectly. His argument is the boarder decision divides families in to two and it is about the people. I believe the fous of his argument is the badme area. Berket knows 99 % of the people who lived in the badme area were Eritreans. But he and his warlord friends uprooted the Eritreans and resettled Ethiopians. For instance only five families of Ethiopians lived in Badme before the war and they were laborers with no land ownership. What makes him silly Politian is when he talks about people he is talking about the people who were brought from the center of Tigrai and resettled in Badme and its surroundings. He does not consider the 99% Eritreans who were uprooted from the area as people. My conclusion is Ether he is not normal or he is simply blinded by the belief that he and his warlords can still inflict more wounds on Eritrea so that Eritrea should agree to their demands. In short he is threatening Eritrea with war. In fact that is what he is doing. He is going to Every Eritrean pal talk and acting foolish. The bad news for him is Eritreans know his evil intentions and have already started arming themselves.
Finally I feel sorry to those Eritreans who are hosting Bereket Simon. For them to expect that something good will come up from Bereket and his company is simply hopelessness. The truth is after the death of the master liar Meles, Bereket is feeling like as an orphan. Now he is trying to inflict that sorrow and anger on Eritreans. His strategy to use the pal talk as one type of therapy and if it is possible to win the Eritrean hearts and minds by claiming is that he is Eritrean too. Bereket has made a choice. He sided with the clique that deported Eritreans, occupied their land and still threatening to unleash another war. So let alone Bereket who inflicted a lot of wounds on Eritreans no one can win the Eritrean hearts and minds. The solution is to accept defeat in the court of law, remove your soldiers from sovereign Eritrean territories and work to normalize diplomatic relations. Sehat Nega’s new philosophy that we should say the Eritrean people belongs to us so is the land is simply another garbage that Eritreans will give a deaf ear. We know that things are not going well in Ethiopia. When things are not going well in Ethiopia the previous Ethiopian rulers use Eritrea as a scapegoat. What is different this time is Ethiopians know their enemy and if they are going to fight they will fight the clique that made them slaves in their country. Not the Eritreans.