Re: Ethiopia: Baseless News to confuse the Diaspora

By IndepthAfrica
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Oct 31st, 2012

Belachew Gujubo

Ato Abebe Gebrehiwet, From Los Angeles area really I liked your article and
your feeling concerning the Hedase Dam on Nile R. I absolutely agree with you
and others who are being aligned them in this optimist view. Ethiopia’s position
is very clear, it is not targeted to affect any nation or country, after all it
is to secure her national economic question (poverty alleviation, addressing
food security and it is basic activity to transform our agriculture and energy
source for us and for vicinities countries like Sudan, Egypt, Eritrea, Somali, Kenya
as well). I think Egyptian gov’t and people understand this reality and come to
table round discussion and agreed and come to form International Experts Group
to sort out the real values of the dam to both countries, Ethiopian gov’t unconditionally
opened the project to be visited and furthered studied by external gropes, this
basically wisest and method of creating confidence between sisterly countries.
I thank that is why the Sudanese and Egyptian gov’t and people are showing
their cooperation and formal discussion on the issues under consideration.

On other part we are economically important
for both nation and both nations are important for our economy and regional
politics too. Therefore, there is strong mutuality between those nations that
is why Ethiopian gov’t is inviting Egyptian investors to invest in Ethiopia in different
sectors like agriculture, mining and industries and factories

those blindly opposition groups and some diaspora didn’t know what exactly on
the ground and the real politics as well as diplomacy of this county from the scratch.
But I also wish to call those Ethiopians to think fairly and to be part of the
living history of this nation by participating on the dam construction, by
doing all their parts in every aspect like political support, financial support
and baying the bond of the dam. This is in other way saving and helping these beloved
innocent and poor people.

In this juncture let me put amassing example,
in past three days Hurricane sandy devastation in New York was so serious, but
in this ups and downs of life, the people of America were fighting to take a
picture with this winds and storms for their unfortunate history, but what if I
did my part/share in this fortunate history of this nation on building ABAY/ Hedase
DAM for wellbeing of the Ethiopian people and overthrowing shame of famine
history to claim our proud history of Independent and first black nation who defeated
the fascist colonial power the then time?

Once again I like Dear Ato Abebe Gebrehiwet ‘s points below, and share,

“Experts have said the dam would help Ethiopia fight poverty but also strengthen
solidarity and ensure sustainable economic development for all the three
countries, including Sudan and Egypt. I am not in any political group, or
affiliated with any political groups. But I am telling the truth as it is. Also
as any concerned Ethiopian citizen, I am advising all Ethiopians all over the
world to invest your money, help your poor people, and your country by buying
Abay Dam bond, to fight poverty and darkness, which have been crippling the
country for centuries. Helping your own poor people and your country is not Politics
or a crime”.

I thank you all readers I hope you share for all your friends,

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