RE: Ethiopia: Is three Deputy Prime Ministers Constitutional?

By IndepthAfrica
In East Africa
Dec 1st, 2012

it is quit natural to oppose what ever idea you didn’t believe on. but it should be justifiable and to the benefit of the country at large. opposing for nothing is the worst thing. first and at most you have to think about the well being of the country. what is wrong with having three deputy prime ministers?it is not against the constitution instead it is friendly with the constitution.because the roll of the deputy minister is not changed. to make easy of supervision some of the execution areas are grouped in to three as social, economical and democratic affairs sectors. the intention of this idea is to give fast leadership and to support the prime minister. when ever a piece of change is happening,you should not be extremist. i know your concern is the presence of this two tigrians in the cabinet. and you don’t want the presence of TPLF members. but you have to know one thing still the tigrians are dieing for peace and prosperity of this country. even for the future it is their responsibility to take their share in leading this country. all Ethiopians have this responsibility. but one thing should be clear being in power as per the EPRDFs ideology is not for comfortably, it is to work hard and to take responsibility. it is not as you think of it living for self. they are contributing their knowledge, time and energy. TPLF as organization is rich in practicable experiences for more than 38 years. this is a resource for all Ethiopians except for those in longing of the previous derg regime and the ancient regimes. so TPLF is sharing these resources to all Ethiopians who are in a need of it. members of the TPLF are not working for the people of tigray only instead they are dying and working the welbeing of the whole Ethiopian people. they believe that all Ethiopians are equal, they believe on unity. that is why EPRDF is following group leader ship. collective leadership is not new thing in EPRDF. please stope un reliable wish. TPLF will not stop leadership being with all Ethiopian sons and daughters

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