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Apr 11th, 2014

retired-educationistsAfter spending two decades in the classroom and several years as Deputy Town Clerk Patricia Shonga in partnership with her husband Sturgas, has built a pre-primary school in Tati siding. 

Instead of kicking off their shoes and taking it easy, the former teachers who still have the love of education close to their hearts, have switched to being employers.

“We first dreamt of opening a school in 2008. As soon as I retired from the teaching service I started applying for land. Fortunately enough Tati land board were advertising plots. After successfully going through with interviews, we then went in search of funds,” revealed Sturges Shonga during a consultative meeting with village leaders.

Six years later the couple’s wish has become a reality. Sturpat Holy Day Care Centre opened its doors to the Tati Siding community, with 11 children as its pioneers.

The four class-roomed day care centre which is funded to the tune of P1.1 million by Citizen Empowerment Development Agency (CEDA), has a capacity of 120 children.

“The current population of Tati siding stands at 9 500 and it is expected to grow. With the expected growth we found it sensible to bring in facilities which parents want.

Instead of commuting their little ones to Francistown, Sturpat Holy Day Care Centre is right here to offer top notch services,”said Sturges Shonga.

The directors said the day care centre which has a Christian influence is stage one of their plan to have a fully-fledged English medium primary school.

“Ideally we want the pre-school to be a feeder school to the primary school which we are yet to build on this 1.7 hectacre plot.

We want every child’s learning to be enjoyable and challenging. In collaboration with village leaders and stakeholders we can achieve well rounded students. Even the results will improve,” urged Shonga.



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