Revealed: 12 Reasons Omisore Is Sorely Afraid Of Public Debate

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Jul 21st, 2014

By Abiodun Komolafe

Omisore knows himself; he is temperamental and cannot withstand hot argument in debate.

What do you expect of a man who slapped Senator Isiaka Adeleke over primary election and told him if he insists to participate in the PDP primary, blood will flow?

What do you expect of a man who assaulted his party chairman and others over who should be custodians of cash from Mr. President for their election campaign?

What do you expect of a man who angrily removed cap from minister of justice openly in an event at Ile-Ife, few weeks later the minister was assassinated?

What do you expect of a man who is afraid of his own shadow?

I have a colleague in my office, whose elder brother was classmate with Aregbesola at Ibadan Poly. Even if he is not a degree holder, sitting for professional exams and having their certificate qualify you as a professional. Besides, Nigerian constitution states minimum requirement of WAEC for the position of governor.

Also, can we say someone who sat for ICAN examination and passed all their exams inducted as ICAN member is not an accountant?

Aregbe is a registered COREN member. Aregbe is better than the dubious who claimed he obtained PHD from outside the country that cannot be vouched for.

Who is the man that goes on street for campaign with masked security?

Aregbe may have his own little fault but can never be compared with Omisore.

Let PDP bring clean person as their candidate then Osun can decide to drop Aregbe but not for Omisore.

In a free and fair election, Aregbe will defeat Omisore with clear margin.

For Ekiti state Fayemi performed, and also Fayose is known years with grassroot even before his first election, he has being assisting and distributing water free to the people.

Let Omisore continue to eat corn on the street with his masked security men from now till election day, he can never be Fayose neither can he be Aregbe.

A murderer remains a murderer. Gbam gbam!!!

Abiodun Komolafe, AMNIM

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