Rizeigat, Ma’aliya clash in Abu Karinka, East Darfur

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In Sudan
Jul 6th, 2014

At least 44 people were killed and injured on Saturday in renewed clashes between Rizeigat and Ma’aliya tribesmen in Abu Karinka locality, East Darfur.

“The clashes erupted between the Rizeigat and Ma’aliya in the area of El Sahib, located northeast of Abu Karinka town, on Saturday at 3pm and lasted until 6pm”, Osman Gisim, the Commissioner of Abu Karinka locality told Radio Dabanga. The reason for the clashes was a theft of livestock, the commissioner explained.

“27 men from both tribes were killed, and 17 others wounded. They were transferred to hospitals in Abu Karinka and East Darfur’s capital of Ed Daein.”

The Commissioner demanded from the Sudanese authorities to deploy a buffer between the localities of Adila, Abu Karinka, and Ed Daein.

Ahmed Mohamed El Dud, Secretary-General of the East Darfur State government, reported to Radio Dabanga that 21 Rizeigat tribesmen were killed. However, he did not rule out renewed clashes, “as large gatherings of warriors from both tribes are still present in villages and the rural areas”.

Though El Dud said that the situation inside the towns of East Darfur remained calm, government offices in the entire state did not open on Sunday.

He appealed to the local, state, and federal authorities to immediately intervene and contain the situation.

According to the government of East Darfur peace negotiations between both tribes will resume on 10 August.

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