S. Africa ANC 100 years Anniversary in Pictures

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Jan 7th, 2012

Traditional healers sing in front of cooling towers decorated with the faces of former African National Congress (ANC) Presidents John Dube (L) and Oliver Tambo (R), and current ANC President Jacob Zuma, ahead of the upcoming ANC centenary celebration in Bloemfontein January 7, 2012. South Africa's ruling ANC celebrates its 100th birthday on Sunday. The long-banned liberation movement took power in 1994 after Mandela negotiated an end to apartheid with the white-minority government. Capitalising on its role as the standard bearer in the fight against apartheid, the party has dominated politics since then, but bitter faction-fighting and accusations of rampant corruption have raised questions about how long it will continue to lead Africa's biggest economy.

Jesse Jackson of the US (C back) stands behind South Africa President Jacob Zuma holding the spar that was used to kill the cow in Cleansing and Thanksgiving ceremony at the historic Waaihoek Wesleyan Church in Bloemfontein on January 7, 2012. South Africa's mighty African National Congress on January 6, 2012 began celebrations for its centenary, still firmly at the helm of Nelson Mandela's all-race democracy despite losing some of its shine.













































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