Salamat call for arrest of Darfur militia leader Kushayb

The Salamat tribe’s native administration in Central Darfur has called upon the authorities to arrest militia leader Ali Kushayb, a most-wanted man by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The administration has accused him of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in the conflict that broke out between the Salamat and Taisha tribes; the same charges the ICC laid upon Kushayb in 2007.

Gibril Hassan, the Omda of the Salamat, on Wednesday stated that the militia leader, whose full name is Ali Mohamed Ali Abdelrahman, killed civilians during the tribal conflict. He accused him of taking advantage of military vehicles belonging to the Central Reserve Forces, led by Kushayb. The Omda also blamed Kushayb of being involved in the burning of entire villages.

Leaders of the Taisha and Salamat tribes signed a charter on the cessation of hostilities in March this year. Second Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdel Rahman, who was present, urged all the tribes of South Darfur to “fight the outlaws who incite the people of Darfur against each other”.

Ali Mohamed Ali Abdelrahman has been charged by the ICC prosecutors in the Hague, the Netherlands, with war crimes and crimes against humanity in 2007. The same charges have been laid upon Ahmed Haroun, the current Governor of North Kordofan State,  Minister of Defence Abdel Rahim Hussein, and President Omar Al Bashir.

File photo: Members of a tribal reconciliation conference in Darfur.


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