Salamat elders insist on meeting Sudan’s president

By IAfrica
In Sudan
Sep 3rd, 2014

Leaders of the Salamat tribe insist on meeting President Omar El Bashir.

Salamat omda Jibril Hassan Adam told Radio Dabanga from Khartoum that tribe elders again submitted a memorandum to the Sudanese president concerning the conditions the Salamat are living in, and the damage caused by the clashes with the Taisha in South Darfur.

He explained that a large number of Salamat are still displaced. “For two years now, they are afraid to return to their homes in South Darfur, as long as a reconciliation process between the Salamat and Taisha has not been concluded.”

“We have handed many memo’s before to the Presidency, to no avail. We have gathered in front of the Presidential Palace, requesting to meet the president, also without success.”

Adam called on President Al Bashir to agree meeting them, and to intervene, broker peace between the tribes, and compensate the injustice done to the Salamat.

File photo: Participants of a tribal reconciliation conference in Darfur (Unamid)


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