Sata and PF a Liability to Zambia, says Chongwe UPND Member

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Aug 1st, 2014

upnd-lusaka-zambia-reportsA United Party for National Development (UPND) ward leader in Chongwe constituency has reiterated the call for Zambians to remove Michael Sata and his Patrotic Front (PF) from power in 2016 because of gross mismanagement and abuse of resources.

The grassroots leader has said President Michael Sata and his PF have become irrelevant and a liability to Zambia’s development efforts.

Speaking in an interview, Kaposhi ward committee member James Pembele said Zambia had stagnated in the few years President Sata and the PF had been in government.

He said there was gross social and economic mismanagement under the PF because the cost of living had continued to escalate, while people’s rights and liberties were removed.

Pembele said Zambians were gravely disappointed with the conduct and style of leadership being exhibited by President Sata and the ruling PF.

Pembele said even the ordinary people of Zambia had realized that they made a grave mistake to usher in President Sata and his PF into government.

He said even grass roots members of the PF were now disappointed with the conduct of President Sata who had gone into hiding thereby abandoniung his people. He said scores of PF members in Chongwe were no longer interested in the ruling party’s way of running government and the PF because the top leadership had lost its vision.

“We are interacting so much with our colleagues from the PF. They are not happy. Some of them have come to the UPND because there is nothing for the people of Zambia in Michael Sata and his top leadership. There is a clarion call for the people of Zambia to get rid of Michael Sata and the Pf from government in 2016 because this team has really been an obstruction in Zambia’s development,” he said.

Pembele said the ruling PF was just pretending that everything was moving in the right direction in Zambia, but he questioned why there was so much poverty, under development and abuse of people’s human rights in the country if the government was on the right track.

He said it was everyone’s knowledge that Michael Sata had turned into what he called “a man of no action” because the republican president was failing to react to any situation that demanded the action of the president.

He said the quality of health care, education and other social services was not only deteriorating, but it was also becoming expensive because of the lack of focus and planning by Michael Sata and his team of ministers.

“This is what happens when you appoint people who know nothing. Even here in the villages, people are now alert because they are able to listen to radio and watch television to catch u with the events in government. It is difficult to lie to anyone. As for this place here in Chongwe constituency, they PF will have a difficult time to convince anyone for votes. People are not happy because there is nothing that has happened since we voted for PF,” he said.

Kaposhi is a rural area south of Chongwe district in Chongwe constituency and Pembele said the people in the area were following President Sata’s rhetoric with interest, but the time for the PF’s exit from power would be a resounding protest vote during the 2016 general elections.

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