After having scheduled and then cancelled three different swearing in ceremonies to appoint Zambia’s Attorney General and Solicitor General, today President Michael Sata finally appeared to officiate the event.

According to the announcement published to his Facebook page by press aide George Chellah, “I just finished swearing- in Mr. Musa Mwenye SC and Mr. Abraham Mwansa SC as Attorney- General and Solicitor- General respectively. MCS – 30/07/14.”

Witnesses present at the event said that President Sata entered the room at just past 11AM, and conducted the ceremony for a period of about 50 minutes before retiring.

“He has quite clearly picked up energy, but he still looks quite frail,” said our source. “There are signs on his face and his hands of the ordeals he has undergone. People attending the ceremony were all very stiff and nervous – especially as President Sata leaned forward to grip the table for support during the national anthem.”










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