Chellah-BrusselsPresident Michael Sata’s press aide George Chellah may be the next one to be fired after his ally Wynter Kabimba unexpectedly saw the exit door from the Patriotic Front and government, highly placed sources have disclosed.

This morning Chellah arrived at State House at around 8:30hrs local time in his BMW X5, entered his office
and moved around State House building to make himself busy.

Nearly an hour and a half later, Chellah, according to sources, jumped back into his car and left State House.

Chellah, 33, has been over excited in the past three years he has been a State House spokes person and has taken his powers as Presidential spokesperson for granted.

The former Post Newspaper reporter was appointed by President Sata largely with the influence of sacked justice minister Wynter Kabimba and Post Newspaper editor Fred M’membe.

Sources allege that Chellah has been leaking a lot of confidential and top secret letters to the M’membe and Kabimba cartel.

“Chellah, as presidential press aide, is part of the system and he attends most of the presidential meetings, including all cabinet meetings. He is also usually part of all daily intelligence briefings given to the president everyday by security wings, he also has full access to the president’s office as he can go in and out of it at
anytime. He pulls documents from the president’s office and also gives out data to the cartel,” the sources narrates.

“President Michael Sata was told about this long time ago but he didn’t believe it until the secret letter from
Alex Chikwanda to the president was leaked, which is also party of the reason Kabimba got fired.”

When Office of the President searched Kabimba’s house at the weekend, they found a lot of confidential
documents some even labeled for the president’s eyes only purportedly relayed to Kabimba by Chellah.

According to the sources, Chellah is suspected of still writing for The Post Newspaper and allegedly edits many of
their stories as a member of the admin team and has access to the Facebook page which is supervised by Oliver Shalala – the older brother to Kabimba’s correspondent at ZNBC – Paul.

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