Sata Must Resign if He Fails to Address Parliament

By IAfrica
In Zambia
Aug 27th, 2014

Sata's LipsRights activist Brebner Changala says if President Michael Sata fails to open parliament on September, 19 then he must step down from his position.

Changala said President Sata’s three months absence from his public duties has created a vacuum.

President Sata has not been independently seen by the public since May, 25 and his absence has heightened confusion including a fast heightening succession battle.

Changala said that President Sata should not even consider hiding behind Vice President Guy Scott who has been made to cover for him in the three months the President has hidden from the public.

“Parliament opens on the 19th of September and the President traditionally is supposed to open parliament. Now if he is going to delegate and allow the vice president to open parliament that will not do,” he said.

Changala said that President Sata should appear in whatever state he is in even if it means addressing parliament in a wheelchair.

“He just has to appear either in a wheel chair or being assisted, he must do what he is supposed to do as a head of state.”

He said, “Anything short of that, the President Mr Michael Sata has an option which is honourable to step down so that the country can go forward, we need a torch bearer, we need a president who will guide this country through this difficult time where the economy has collapsed, the youths are all over there is a lot of crime unemployment.”

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