Sata Secretly Swears In Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila

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Sep 1st, 2014

Sata-CabinetPresident Michael Sata this morning secretly swore in former Attorney General Mumba Malila as Supreme Court Justice.

The President also swore in Roydah Kaoma who was acting Supreme Court Justice as Supreme Court Justice.

A source at State House has disclosed to Zambia Reports that there were no reporters allowed to cover the event.

The source further said unlike normal swearing in ceremonies where a number of relatives and dignitaries are invited, the swearing in of the two Supreme Court Justices was done in the presence of very few people among them the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and the new Minister of Justice Edgar Lungu.

“Yes, the two were sworn in today. It was Mumba Malila and Madam Roydah Kaoma. No reporters were invited. It was secretly done as the President’s voice is still not okay after the throat operation due to cancer of the throat,” the source said.

It is the second time President Sata has sworn in officials without the presence of reporters. The last time was Musa Mwenye as Attorney General. Only George Chellah circulated pictures on facebook at the time.

However, since Chellah is having restricted access to President Sata, there are no images on social media of the swearing in ceremony today.

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