Sata's LipsThe Zambia International Trade Fair organizing committee has finally voiced out on the negative effect the continued absence of President Michael Sata is having on the event.

During a press briefing in Ndola, ZITF president Emmanuel Hachipuka pleaded with government to guarantee the attendance of President Sata at next year’s event if they are to regain their credibility internationally.

He said President Sata’s shunning the event was hurting the image of the international event that has over the years attracted Heads of State to attend but there has been no Head of State including the local one since PF took over.

President Sata has since May 25 abdicated his official duties leaving the Vice President Guy Scott to clean up for him with the weight increasingly weighing down Scott.

“We thoroughly want his Excellency the president to be present because it is not only an occasion for us to see him, it is a sales point,” Hachipuka told a media briefing.

“It is a way of appeal to the government that in 2015 we would love to see His Excellency the President who is our patron to be present at this institution during the Trade Fair.”