Ethiopia: “Send away and chase” is the other side of TPLF’s group rudeness

by Yakob Tekle Argaw

Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gellaw

We heard from media that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) uncovers a
plot to assassinate the award-winning Ethiopian journalist and activist Abebe
Gellaw. The suspected mastermind was identified as Guesh Abera who is one of the
hit men of the murderous TPLF junta. This Tigray People’s Liberation Front
(TPLF) practice of ”send away and chase” tactic is the other side of this group
rudeness which started exposing. This time they crossed the red-line and the
TPLF agents are under investigation by FBI crime control unit.

The junta exercising its long hand to exile and chase democracy activists in all
over the world. In Ethiopia the TPLF junta is still acting like a rebel,
thinking like they were in the bush, killing and tormenting many human right
activists and political opponents without any responsibility. They knew that in
Ethiopia they can kill as many Ethiopians without any consequences. Nobody make
them accountable for their criminal activities till now. They have full control
of the security apparatus that roams the country freely and intimidate in
different ways anybody they perceive to be a challenge.

They use blackmail as a tool. They use the law to break the constitution of the
land and accuse those who demand their rights as terrorists. Human rights watch
criticize Ethiopian’s anti-terrorism legislation for being vague and used to
stifle peaceful dissent. Several journalists and opposition members have been
convicted under the law since it was introduced in 2009. It is known Abebe
Gellaw was also sentenced in absentia to 15 years in jail for his journalistic
work and his roles in Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT). The regime showed
it can take any measures to prolong its oppressive minority-group leadership.
The ruling party of Ethiopia violated the declaration of international law and
his own constitutional regulation in beating, imprisoning and even killing
Ethiopian peaceful demonstrator.

Now It also did not limit their self only in Ethiopia. They are sending their
terror tactic to foreign lands for murdering. It becomes a normality that the
regime sends its agents abroad to spy on Ethiopian diaspora. Their spying
network monitors Ethiopian diaspora who try to expose the truth about human
rights violations, blogger who criticize its regime, political opponents and

Abebe Gellaw is an Ethiopian activist and the known journalist for example he
was invited and present a speech in 2012 Oslo Freedom Forum. Here I like to take
this opportunity to bring the presentation link
( Clearly it shows
that killing plot on Abebe Gellaw is to restrain the struggle of Ethiopian
people for freedom. Whereas, we heard that Abebe will be stronger and we hope
that the evil assassination plot shall brings all Ethiopians to collaborate.

Unfortunately for TPLF it is North America. Through FBI diligence the suspect
identified Guesh Abera, the vindictive messenger and the master mind a plot to
kill journalist Abebe Gellaw, plans were derailed. There is a law enforcement
body in other side of the world that follows and stops a criminal act at its
planning stage. As one of the mission of the FBI is to protect and defend the
United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats. Hopefully if
the TPLF regime leadership travels to North America at this moment, it awaits
them not only the Ethiopian diaspora and Abebe Gellaw’s protests but also
President Barack Obama might warn them.

Their routine scare tactic of”send away and chase” has to be stopped. We
Ethiopians  together with the world has to condemning and denouncing this evil
assassination plan. While all persons were innocent until proven guilty, the
TPLF group has to stop without any precondition in stressing and terrorizing the
activist and other political opponents. Especially this assassination plot takes
place in the areas such as democratic governance and the free speech rule of law
are in practice. The TPLF violated not only the national law but starting also
the international. The people of Ethiopia had suffered heavily and had
sacrificed more martyrs in the struggle to live in freedom, peace, security and
dignity. Ethiopian people would therefore never accept or countenance any
violations of human rights in the future, and will never let another tyrant rule
like Meles Zenawi over them.

Abebe Gellaw is our hero exercising his freedom of speech over the entire world.
He confronted late PM Meles who oppressed the Ethiopian people till his death.
Meles Zenawi was giving speech on food security in the G8 summit at the Ronald
Reagan Building, Washington DC when he was interrupted by a loud protest from
journalist Abebe Gellaw.  Abebe shouted by said, “Meles is a dictator; Meles
committed crimes; free all political prisoners; we need freedom more than food”.
These are many Ethiopian’s voice too. He is being voice for voiceless Ethiopian
people. His protest exposed late PM Meles at world stage. Meles Zenawi was
humiliated in the presence of world leaders and visibly shrieked and hangs his
head in shame then lately died almost after two months in mysterious reasons.
The secretive Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front /EPRDF/ has
unexplained still to public the cause to death the late prime minster dictator
Meles Zenawi who lead the country for 21 years.

The instigation activities by Woyane group especially to assassinate journalist
and activist Abebe Gellaw should draw near all Ethiopians together for common
purpose. As fact shows over 2000 Ethiopians around the world participated and
elected Abebe Gellaw as “Ethiopian person of the year 2012” also. In my opinion
this conspiracy cannot be taken as a personal matter. It concerns all Ethiopians
who care about their country and people’s freedom. So, we have to struggle
together against the TPLF / EPRDF regime.

If we do not stop the authoritarian regime both inside and outside Ethiopia such
rudeness activities of TPLF, they might come door to door to continue their
harassing and murdering activities. We have to show our anger and fight for
right against the TPLF / EPRDF rebel group and overthrow from Ethiopians
shoulder. The autocracy regime has to end soon to hand over power for the
people. Like Abebe Gellaw shouted on late PM Meles let us say together loudly
“enough is enough” towards TPLF rather than living always in panic.

16 January 2013, Norway, can be reach the writer at

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