Shakafuswa Reveals More PF Mangango Electoral Mal-Practice

ShakafuswaKatuba UPND MP Jonas Shakafuswa has implicated former tourism minister Sylvia Masebo and Central province deputy minister Obvious Mwaliteta of day light rigging of the Mangango by-election held August 19.

Shakafuswa, who was arrested for alleged violence during the campaigns, is vexed with the open abuse by PF officials during the Mangango polls which the ruling party Lyiambai Lingweshi won.

“How fair can by elections be?” he pondered before adding; “Is it ok for Silvia Masebo to be creating women’s clubs, each being given Kr 5000 in the period of campaigns like [what] happened in Mangango?”

Shakafuswa further asks; “Is it ok for District Commissioners to park and use government vehicles in PF camps? Is it ok for Mwaliteta to facilitate the issuance of over 1500 Nrcs’ over 5 weeks to PF cadres?”

The volatile parliamentarian wondered; “What is the role of the electoral commission? Watching while irregularity is being committed, abetted by Police, who make attempts by opposition to enforce compliance criminal?!! Teshi chishi chabanyinawanu [This is not their mother’s country alone]!”

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