Should the Attorney General be an “Advocate for a Different Point of View.”

By IAfrica
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Apr 12th, 2014


There are few quotes that better sum up how lawless and ignorant the Democrats have become than this defense of Attorney General Eric Holder’s misconduct by Senator Whitehouse.

Senate Democrats are rallying to Attorney General Eric Holder’s defense.

They argue Republicans are wrong to suggest he is overly partisan, or that he is more uncooperative with Congress compared to past attorneys general.

“I guess they don’t like anybody who disagrees with them,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “He’s a strong and smart advocate for a different point of view.”

That’s the whole point.

Holder is supposed to follow the law, not advocate a point of view.

A Senator is supposed to advocate a point of view. Not an Attorney General. Diane Feinstein is sensible enough to defend Holder against charges of partisanship. Whitehouse instead endorses them.

Whitehouse’s defense of Holder is not that he follows the law, but that he’s an effective left-winger. That’s not a defense.

That’s an indictment.

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