SIMHA Condemns Radio Journalists arrest and torture

For Immediate Press Release

Mogadishu, 18th August 2014.

Somali independent Media House Association denounces with strongest terms possible the arrest and hence the extreme torture meted against Radio Shabelle director and Sky FM journalist.

Released Shabelle staff has confirmed to SIMHA that the chairman of Radio Shabelle and the director of Sky FM who were arrested last week by Somali Intelligence personnel were extremely tortured while in prison.

“They are under constant horrendous torture and they need urgent interventions,” said of the released journalist who will not disclose his name for security reasons.

SIMHA chairman Hassan Ali Gesey has urged the leadership of the federal government of Somalia to intervene saying what Somali Intelligence is doing is unacceptable.

“It is very clear that, the threats of arrest and torture against members of press by Somali intelligence for the past few weeks is clear violations of press freedom in this country,” He said.

“We also need to be very clear that intimidation will not silence us and the media will play its role a source of information to Somali people,” He added.

It is important to note that both Sky FM and Shabelle FM stations are still off air and their remaining arrested staff of the two stations  have not being prosecuted in a court of law for the alleged crime which against the constitution.