For Immediate Press Release

 SIMHA Strongly Denies Somali President Accusation

Somali Independent Media Houses Association SIMHA strongly denies president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud allegations against Somali independent media favored coverage on Al Qaida linked Somali militant group Al Shabaab.

During an interview with BPS news President Mohamud has criticized how independent media in Somalia cover Al Shabaab saying they support the group in a great extent in their coverage.

President Mohamud claims comes as the Independent media in Somalia faces insecurity challenge in terms of persecution and threats to its staff.

Al Shabaab militant group accuses the independent media of giving positive coverage to the western backed government instead of negative reporting.

Almost the five journalists killed in Somalia this year were working for independent media in the country.

The Somali independent media exercises the professionalism of the highest order when it comes to news reporting and gathering and faces great challenge from both government and militant group in the process.

It is therefore sad to hear such claims from the president as our members lose their lives in the hands of the militants for suspicion of favoring the government.

Hassan Ali Gesey,

Chairman SIMHA