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Nigeria’s former Central Bank chief, Lamido Sanusi on Sunday described the president who ousted him as a simple man trying to do well who has been undermined by incompetent and fraudulent aides. This view expressed by SLS is the truth and well known fact among the intellectuals in the society. The government is like kids requiring adult supervision but that adult

is not in sight.

Jonathan needs more refined Aides because his advisers are killing his reputation and 2015 chances. If I was advising him, I would have told him to wait out Sanusi since he only had few months to go, and secondly, it would play badly in the environment of the alleged missing $20 billion at NNPC.

The irony of the whole thing is that these unemployed youthful Nigerians supporting Jonathan are so stupid that they fail to see the bigger picture. But then again, they are the product of the crumbling schools. Jonathan’s acumen is very worrisome for somebody that reportedly has an earned PhD.

Iyanroc commenting on said: they forget that what these so called leaders are doing adversely affects everybody regardless of where you are from. How does stealing by a public official from your state or tribe help your life, your unemployment situation or your poverty? These are the questions and thoughts that never enter the minds of the ignorant people of Nigeria.

Frank Ositadinma Onukwuli also wrote: Nigerians are their own worst enemy. A country where majority of her citizens have refused and failed to abide by their own laws; one that has corruption, stealing, killing, and lying rampant and hailed by society cannot witness true development.

Nigerians must wake up from slumber and judiciously begin to prosecute all violators of our laws no matter whom it may be. We must save our children and our future now; the reckless looting of our natural resources and capital assets and the rigging of elections must be put to a stop if we plan to have a better tomorrow.

Read Sanusi on Jonathan below:

Sanusi attacks Jonathan- “He is surrounded by incompetent people” – VANGUARD

Nigeria’s former Central Bank chief, Lamido Sanusi on Sunday described the president who ousted him as a simple man trying to do well who has been undermined by incompetent and fraudulent aides.

Sanusi was suspended by President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday over alleged financial misconduct, a move seen by many analysts as politically motivated.

Sanusi has accused the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) of misappropriating $20 billion (14.5 billion euros), allegations that earned him powerful enemies across the government.

In an interview with AFP in Lagos, Sanusi said many of the people advising Jonathan are sycophants who do not speak frankly or honestly about the extent of corruption in government.

“When you sit with President Jonathan himself he appears a nice simple person who is trying his best to do his best,” Sanusi said.

“His greatest failing obviously is that he is surrounded by people who are extremely incompetent, who are extremely fraudulent and whom he trusts.”

Sanusi learned of his removal from office while in Niger on Thursday and immediately returned to Lagos, where agents from the Directorate of State Services (DSS) seized his passport.

On Friday, he secured a temporary protective order from the Federal High Court in Lagos barring Nigerian intelligence agents from the DSS or police from arresting him.

“I thought taking away my passport was the beginning of infringement on my fundamental human rights,” Sanusi told AFP, explaining why he had already sought court protection.

While no charges have been filed against him, Sanusi said he was prepared for whatever attacks may come.

“That we are here today means that I have taken the decision that I will face the consequences of whatever I do,” he said.

He said his “fierce independence” had been an annoyance to the government since 2009, culminating with his sustained, public attack on the NNPC, widely seen as the epicentre of corruption in Africa’s top oil producer.

“If I am sacrificed in whatever way, my freedom or my life… if it does lead to better accountability it will be well worth it,” he said.