Sister of Texan Killed Fighting Hamas: “My Brother Fought Terrorism, Not Only for My Family and Me, but For All of You.”

By IAfrica
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Aug 25th, 2014

Sean Carmeli was one of the Israeli soldiers who died fighting Hamas terrorists. Even though he was serving in the IDF, he had been born in the United States.

His sister Gal’s essay about him is clearly pained and scattered, as is to be expected of someone who has lost her brother, but it also reflects some deeper truths. It also captures how a lot of ordinary Israelis think and feel.

My brother, Sean Carmeli, was born and raised in South Padre Island, Texas. He grew up in a very warm and loving home, a safe environment where doors were never locked, and car keys were always left in the switch.

He was surrounded by people old and young, American, Mexican and Israeli, English, Spanish and Hebrew, Jewish and Christian. Plain and simple, he had an absolutely normal life.

I am now taking a moment to look around my home, and I see my mother on the floor, sad and scared, and my father on the couch crying. The news is on, Paris and London are full of anti-Semitic demonstrations, Obama keeps changing political views, and I find myself wondering, has the world gone mad? It seems that everyone has gotten a little confused these days, in most of the world and in Israel as well. I hear people speaking of a war about land.

s it really about a conflict having to do with land when protesters all over the world shout “Death to Jews”? I can tell you my opinion about life and people. Although born Jewish, I am not sure of my stance on the subject. I live in Israel but have dreamed of spending my life in every country or state possible. I am an Israeli, but my heart, mind and soul connects to every single human being in the world. I don’t care what you look like, where you come from, or what God you believe in or don’t believe in. I can also tell you that many, if not most, of my Jewish/Israeli friends feel the like.

The beautiful fantasy of, for example, a binational state in Israel, comprised of Muslims and Jews, is not by any means the epitome of equality. As soon as Israel opens, not only its borders, but also its heart, it will instantly become an Islamic regime. And we all know what that means.

(If you don’t, I suggest you hurry to Google as fast as you can.)

An Islamic-ruled Israel may mean death to Jews, but if we don’t get that far, it may only suggest a very poor quality of life. A life consisting of inequality for women and gays, no freedom of speech, death in the most gruesome ways possible, and the list goes on. So for now, at this moment in my life, as a person living in the only democratic state in the Middle East, I will not open my door to Islam, and I do not apologize for that.

My belief stems from love and empathy, Terrorism has a broad agenda; it starts in Israel, but, like the Islamic State recently said, “The Islamic caliphate has been established, God willing it will not stop until we raise the flag of Prophet Muhammad in the White House.” My brother fought terrorism, not only for my family and me, but for all of you as well, with the hope that someday, Jews, Christians, Muslims and all religious and seculars people will find serenity in their homes, in their hearts, and in their minds.

Except that someday isn’t likely to come as long as the Jihadist flag of Mohammed continues to fly.

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