Situation in East Darfur still tense after Ma’aliya protests

By IAfrica
In Sudan
Sep 3rd, 2014

The situation in East Darfur is still tense after demonstrations organised by Ma’aliya in Abu Karinka, Adila, Sharef, and El Mazrob on Sunday and Monday.

The Ma’aliya protested against the formation of a new East Darfur State government, and demanded the abolition of East Darfur State, and the incorporation of the areas inhabited by Ma’aliya in North Darfur State. Last Wednesday, fierce clashes erupted between Ma’aliya and Rizeigat tribesmen, after Rizeigat reportedly attacked Ma’aliya in Um Rakuba, Abu Karinka locality. Hundreds of people were killed.

“Government offices in Abu Karinka town, Adila town, Sharef, and El Mazrob are closed after the protesters changed the locks. The Zakat (Islamic alms) and tax offices in the area are shut too. The only government institutions working are the police, the hospitals, and the water wells,” a resident of Abu Karinka reported to Radio Dabanga.

File photo: Ma’aliya gathering in Adila on Sunday (Radio Dabanga)


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