Solwezi:the neglected new copperbelt -The Battle is on who takes it?

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Aug 13th, 2014
Kisasa area along Solwezi -Mwinilunga road in Solwezi district

Kisasa area along Solwezi -Mwinilunga road in Solwezi district

By Clinton Masumba

Solwezi Central Parliamentary By-Election:

PF – Newton Malwa
MMD – Lucky Mulusa
UPND – Dawson Kafwaya
FDD – Nathan Mulonga
UNIP – Mary Katiki

Past Mp’s for Solwezi central constituency

In 1991, Solwezi Central Constituency was won by the late Humphrey Mulemba on the UNIP ticket during the beginning of Multiparty Democracy in Zambia.By 1996 the late Mulemba had already formed his own political party called The Nation Party NP on which Dr Ludwig Sondanshi Contested the Solwezi Central seat and won becoming the MP for the mining town.

In 2001 Late Ben Tetamashimba won the Solwezi central seat on the UPND ticket but later resigned in 2003 to join then rulling MMD and went ahead to win the Solwezi Central Seat.

The Late Tetamashimba later retained his seat after the 2006 General Elections on the MMD Ticket.

After the demise of Tetamashimba MHSRIP the opposition UPND and then Opposition PF teamed up through a Pact and Adopted Watson Lumba as its candidate who went ahead to win the Parliamentary By-Election in 2008 on the then UPND-PF Pact, though Lumba was originally from the UPND.

It was a turn of events when little known then Lucky Mulusa won the Solwezi central seat on the MMD ticket in 2011 beating his closest rival Newton Malwa of the Patriotic Front.

Malwa later petitioned the elections citing corrupt activities after Mulusa won the seat in the 2011 General Elections.Malwa won the Petition and the Supreme Court Nullified the election of Lucky Mulusa as Solwezi Central MP.

This prompted a By Election and this is where we are today!

What’s in it for Solwezi residents

What is the way forward for the mining Town? Little is talked about in terms of Development in the New Copperbelt that has seen a centre stage in mining activities.

What do the People of Solwezi Want? Being one that hails from the Province, equal share of development.Truth be told, Solwezi does not deserve its current status- Poor road networks, Poor infrastructure,you name it..the place looks like a Dump Site despite the usual name Solwezi Kyalo Kyamali (Solwezi the country of Money).

Promises are the order of the day but fulfillment has remained a nightmare for the residents of Solwezi.

The District has one bridge that connects the entire district and to other parts of North Western Province for both small and heavy Vehicles.

It makes sad reading to see how people with vehicles struggle to share the same narrow road that leads to other districts in the province.

Solwezi District has the potential to feed the nation through its Natural Resources that includes the mining activities.The Road Network are some things that have continued to hamper the development agenda in the district.

Solwezi District Commissioner Chripin Likando once told me “Once Roads are done development will be enhanced in the district”

With the Link Zambia 8000 and the Pave Zambia 2000, who drives these developmental Programs?

Questions voters should ask themselves

Now the choice is in our hands (Solwezi central Residents) there are five Choices.

  • Who is an indigenous Resident of Solwezi?
  • What has he/she achieved?
  • What will he/she offer?
  • Will he/she deliver?
  • What do you need in the district?
  • How much do you know about the person you wish to vote for?
  • Ask yourselves these questions on the 11th of September, 2014 before casting your vote in the Ballot Box!

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